Veggie ipsum

The vegetarian lorem ipsum generator

Adds more fiber to your filler with VeggieIpsum

Veggie Ipsum is a simple placeholder text generator. The inspiration for the site was the popular Bacon Ipsum. Veggie Ipsum wanted to provide an alternative to lorem ipsum that everyone—even vegans and vegetarians—could enjoy.

There's no political agenda to It was created by a small team of omnivores with a token vegan on board. The only message (translated from the optional classical Latin prefix) is that "Veggies are good for you, therefore you should eat more veggies."

"The design industry press has been all over the redesigned USDA food pyramid (now My Plate), and was generating a good bit of buzz," said Andy Weber, a senior web developer. "We recognized the trend and saw an opportunity to offer meaningful variation through Veggie Ipsum." launched on June 10, 2011. It was conceived, designed, and developed over two consecutive lunch breaks (over two consecutive days… for the record).